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Respecting our past looking for the future

Grzegorz Sidor

Grzegorz Sidor President of the Board

I do believe that team’s spirit guided by a common vision and goals leads us to the tangible future.Yesterday we dreamed of what is already taking place at our plant today. That is why and how we accept the challenge.

Respecting our past looking for the future

GLINIK - historia - 1883


Henry Mac Garvey builds in Glinik Mariampolski a Machinery and Drilling Equipment Factory in Glinik And an Oil Refinery.

for the expertise of his achievements and success in business, called the "king of Oil".
GLINIK - historia - 1912


The first steam drill machine produced at the Glinik Machine and Drilling Tools Factory.

GLINIK - historia - 1936


The first SM-2 drilling rig designed and manufactured by the Glinik Drilling Machines and Tools Factory.

Our drilling tools are also applied to diamond processing

Drilling machine Udarex

GLINIK - historia - Wiertnica Udarex


At the time, the OP-1200 drilling rig, the first units of which were made in 1957, was experiencing its renaissance.

Drilling machine Op 1200

GLINIK - historia - Wiertnica Op 1200
The "udarex" drilling rig was very successful both in Poland and abroad. The demand exceeded the factory's production capacities.

Drilling machine Wos-2000

GLINIK - historia - Wiertnica Wos-2000

Since its inception, Glinik has produced various types of drilling rigs for various applications


GLINIK - historia - 1960


Introduced into serial production drill bits with a range from fi 216 to 308 of which the Glinik factory was the only manufacturer in the country.

Respecting our past looking for the future

Glinik - 1899 - Pierwszy świder


The first drill bit designed and manufactured by the Drilling Machines and Tools Factory.

First drill bits

GLINIK - Pierwsze świdry

Employees of the rotary department in the production of drill bits.

GLINIK - 1960 - pierwsze świdry trójgryzowe


First drill bits.

GLINIK - drilling tools


Eccentric drill bit according to the patent of Mac Garvea- for those times it was a real revolution among the offered products - the drill allowed simultaneous drilling of pipes into the drilled hole without the use of wideners.
GLINIK - Pierwszy świder 42


Pierwszy świder 42" wyprodukowany w Glinik

GLINIK - drilling tools
GLINIK - drilling tools

Do you know that ...

  • We use diamond components.
  • Sheer hardfacing on 42’’ tricone bit weighs 63 kg
  • Weight of the smallest bit does not exceed 1 kg.
  • Bit’s cone is heat treated at the temperature of 950 deg. C.
  • Journal bearings tubes are silver plated.

Do you know that ...

We use diamond components.

Do you know that ...

Sheer hardfacing on 42’’ tricone bit weighs 63 kg

Do you know that ...

Weight of the smallest bit does not exceed 1 kg.

Do you know that ...

Bit’s cone is heat treated at the temperature of 950 deg. C.

Do you know that ...

Journal bearings tubes are silver plated.

Celebrating the present

Wojciech  Tomkiewicz

Wojciech Tomkiewicz Vice President of the Board

We have been developing Glinik brand by creating innovative, advanced and useful products. Our wide portfolio offers solutions for demanding Customers who appreciate the technologies provided by Glinik.

Celebrating the present

Glinik in numbers

GLINIK - 140 lat tradycji i doświadczenia

years of legacy

GLINIK - 50 krajów, w których pracują  nasze świdry

countries we sell to

GLINIK - 230 pracowników



 thousand drill bits produced

Our values

GLINIK - Nasze wartości - Otwartość GLINIK - Nasze wartości - Odpowiedzialność GLINIK - Nasze wartości - Wiarygodność GLINIK - Nasze wartości - Współpraca

We emphasise loyalty to each other and honest communication at Glinik Co. We respect diversity of views and are not afraid to make innovative changes.

We make bold and well-considered decisions at Glinik Co for which we we take full responsibility. We expect initiative from ourselves and always prioritise company in our actions.

Glinik always keeps its word and places great emphasis on reliability and honesty in our operations. We focus on fair play and ensure that we fulfil our obligations to customers, partners and employees.

There is an atmosphere of mutual trust at Glinik Co., allowing us to create a cohesive team. We rely on open dialogue and are willing to listen to others. We make decisions together and pursue goals together.

Innovation and development

GLINIK - Innowacje i rozwój - Technologie GLINIK - Innowacje i rozwój - Jakość GLINIK - Innowacje i rozwój - Bezpieczeństwo GLINIK - Innowacje i rozwój - Laser

Modern technologies: they are common factor in many projects, initiatives and products implemented at Glinik Co. Putting them to use is one of priorities in our development strategy for the coming years.

Quality assurance: We are API certified, which entitles us to brand our API-compliant drilling tools, stabilizers and adapters with the API monogram.

Safety of employees and work-friendly posts, as well as concern for the environment, are key values for our company. The lives and health of employees are paramount values - our every activity is directed towards ensuring their safety.

Glinik engineering staff have constantly been pursuing advanced R&D projects aimed at product development and newest hi-tec solutions implementations.

Glinik is people!

Our projects

GLINIK - Nasze realizacje - Szwajcaria GLINIK - Nasze realizacje - Polska GLINIK - Nasze realizacje - Holandia GLINIK - Nasze realizacje - Botswana

In several pilot drilling holes and various rock formations the bit has proven top performance and minor shirttail werar. Nozzles size and cutting structure design have been properly selected to safeguard troublefree operation on site.

Once PDC bits failed to break through very demanding, abrasive formations, Glinik TCI bit was selected and did the job very well. As a result, the drilling was continued with another Glinik TCI bit to reach the final depth with the expected water temperature, which can be used  for the termal pools complex. Heavy-duty, leg back protection Glinik bits with premium bearing system can be the first choice in specific geothermal drilling conditions.

Total depth achieved with one run thanks to Glinik bit with effective bearnings and premium gauge and leg back protection. Drill bit equipped in 4 jet flushing allowed for smooth, constant drilling with no bearing overheating risk and let fully avoid the bit balling. No wearing sings on hardfaced surface prove the top quaity of the materials used.

Large diameter bits designed for reverse circulation drilling in very demanding geological conditions - Kimberilite Pipes which are including the diamond deposits. The most important goal achieved was the reliability of the bits what helped to finish the project in a safe and failure-free way.

Celebrating the present

Glinik products are present in all drilling segments.

Glinik - Energia i Geotermia - Świder trójgryzowy słupkowy 8-1/2” IADC 637


Modern drilling operations in the energy industry require tools with the highest reliability that meet high performance requirements. The answer is Glinik's innovative API-certified technology for use at maximum performance.

Glinik - Minerały i Górnictwo - Świder trójgryzowy słupkowy 10-5/8” IADC 632

Roller Cone Drill Bit 10-5/8” IADC 632

Glinik offers turn-key solutions for down-the-hole drilling. Our R&D influences the continuous improvement of air cooled bits for blast holes in open-pit mines.

Glinik - Hydrogeologia - Świder trójgryzowy zębaty 9-7/8” IADC 211

Roller Cone Drill Bit 9-7/8” IADC 211

Hydrogeological projects are currently gaining global importance. Our philosophy is to understand drilling contractors’ problems and provide reliable solutions. Keeping that in mind, Glinik has come up with optimal technology for hydrogeological drilling.

Glinik - Geotechnika - Świder trójgryzowy słupkowy 4-1/2” IADC 633

Roller Cone Drill Bit 4-1/2” IADC 633

Glinik introduced drilling tools dedicated to all kinds of geotechnical works. Our solutions are perfect for all kinds of ground research works to meet the assumptions of the most demanding projects.

Glinik - HDD - Świder trójgryzowy słupkowy 8-1/2” IADC 535M


Glinik’s hole openers are apt to drilling long intervals and maintaining the hole trajectory due to advanced gauge protection technology.

Inspiring Our future

We are building the future

GLINIK - Budujemy przyszłość

We are building the future together.

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